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How to make high quality beer at home?

Maybe you think it subvert the traditional concept, but you can really brew good beer by yourself with simple tools at home. It is even better than the beer you bought from supermarket!

Let's start from the material. Everybody knows it is very complicated to process the brewing raw materials. But now, this situation is changed by Barth Haas (Beijing) Trade Co.Ltd. We bring a new product—Home Brew Kit. From now on you can brew beer in an easy way.

I chose six Bamberg Rauch Malt Extract in total 3kg!!

Then put the malt extract into a large deep pot, the pot must be clean .Then add water (I added 20L water) and boil for one hour. You need to skim off the foam in this process.

This beer is Sponsored by Barth Haas (Beijing) Co.Ltd. In order to embody malt extract's characteristics, I chose the Vanguard hop from America. First, Vanguard's cohumulone is very low, that is rare, thus there is no need to worry about the bad bitter taste. Second, the β-acid is higher than α-acid thus the bitter is soft. This variety can not cover the characteristics for malt extract.

At the time of half an hour, you can put into 40g hops .

Then filtration and cooling. the original gravity is 17P.

Then the cooling wort into a bucket. If you don't have cooling installation,doesn't matter, you can wait for natural cooling-off.

We got 17L wort finally. Ps. Don't fill with the bucket. It is enough to reach 70%, because you need to leave some space for foam.

Then sprinkle with yeast.

After 21 day’s waiting, we began to bottle. And we added 3g sugar in each bottle as second gas.

We still need to wait 2~3 weeks to drink the beer. More than three weeks is better.

The foam is a little yellow but the taste is amazing!

I named the beer “Sherlock’s trouble ”. Yes! He is Master Detective Sherlock Holmes. He likes smoking and drinking!