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Warmly celebrate the Tianjin Brewed Association’s founding conference bring to a successful close!

Numerous brewers gathered in Beer and bear on January 30th in Tianjin to celebrate the founding of the Tianjin Brewed Association and welcomed the new year together!

The craft beer industry has made rapid progress recently in many regions. For example, there is no brewed association in Dalian before and few people had heard the term "craft beer". Now the situation has been greatly changed! The Dalian Brewed Association was established on December 6th ,2015. And now Tianjin followed closely.

When being told the news ,many craft beer lovers and brewers responded positively .they get together joyously. Barth Haas (Beijing) Trade Co. Ltd was also invited to join this meeting and became sponsor at the same time to witness the good time.

The brew masters learn from others, taste beer together, chat with others and laughing. This is an opportunity for the people in the "beer world".This is also the original intention of the beer association.


After the beer taste is the most exciting part is coming ---experience sharing. Thank for San Bei Bu Dao, Junshan,Yipin and Mr. Wenzhong from YUEYUAN giving us the wonderful speech to share their experience.

As the sponsor, Barth Haas (Beijing) Trade Co. Ltd introduced the latest hop varieties to participants. And we also introduced the usage of Homebrew kit. In addition, we brought 7 hops in total 2.3 kg as the presents for members of Tianjin Brewed Association.


At the meeting's conclusion, Mr.Wenzhong was appointed as president of Tianjin Brewed Association. Since Tianjin Brewed Association was formally established .Congratulations once again !