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About Us

The Barth-Haas Group is the world’s largest supplier of hop products and services. Founded in 1794 by Joh. Barth, the Barth-Haas Group(BHG) is the oldest and largest hop company in the world and active on all continents with offices and operations in Germany, the US, UK, Australia and China.

Represented in all major hop growing areas in the world, the Barth-Haas Group service large and small brewing customers in hop production and breeding, hop processing, storage and logistics services, R&D and application technologies for the brewing industry and beyond.

Barth Haas (Beijing) Trade Co., Ltd is established in Beijing since Feb. 2006 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of BHG. Barth-Haas (Beijing) Trade Co., Ltd., as China’s sole agent of German Weyermann malt as well, cooperates with ferments, yeast Co. Ltd., adhering to the tenet of ‘any customer has the right to get the best quality service and the best products at any time’, aiming to provide products and technical services for Chinese customers.

“Small company care and attention with large company capability and competence” We believe that we have the people, equipment and industry knowledge and service ethics in order to support you in brewing great beer by supplying highest quality hops and products. With affiliates around the world in the Barth-Haas Group we will do our best to secure great hops for you from wherever they are grown.